Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Let them Eat CAKE!

A Week in the Life: Day Two

Today started with a few meetings. The work I do in San An is part of a larger work that's happening here on the island of Ibiza. That work includes the planting of a church, as well as some amazing stuff that's happening in Ibiza Town, and other places on the island. I have this meeting every other week, and it includes people who have moved here to participate in the work that's happening. We get together to catch up, and to pray and worship.

That meeting was followed by another meeting with everyone who's here to work specifically in San Antonio in the west end. After the rush of meetings I got ready to do a shift in our 24-7 Ibiza Center. Our workers center is open from 4:00 - 8:00 PM. We have wifi, computers, FIFA, table tennis, and most importantly for all the Irish and English, we've got free tea!

The center is a great place to connect with workers. They can come use our stuff for free, and we're there if they need help, or want to chat or pray. 

An added bonus today was that I got to work my center shift alongside Jeff and Suzy! They're an amazing couple from the UK who've given up one year of their lives to come serve in Ibiza. Sadly today was there last center shift, as they're headed back to England next week. (boo!)

Today was Jeff's birthday, which meant lots and lots of cake! 


Today's center shift was full of not only cake, but also lots of coffee, table tennis and a few tears. Once we'd closed up for the day, we headed out for a little goodbye celebration for Jeff and Suzy. I'm off again tonight, so it's early to bed for me! 

Definitely gonna miss these two! 

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