Monday, June 25, 2018

A Week in the Life...

In wanting to share more about my time here in Ibiza, I've decided to do a week in the life blog series. I'll be blogging every day this week. The goal is to give you more of a glimpse of the work I do here in Ibiza... 

A Week in the Life: Day One


It's the beginning of a new week which for us here in Ibiza means a new 2-week missions team has joined us! This team is from Ireland, and I'm excited to get to know them as they join in with the work we do here in the west end.

The first thing every team that joins us gets to do is go through orientation. There they get to learn a little history about 24-7 Ibiza and about what God's been doing here on the island. 

Here's one of the videos we share during orientation. It's a brief glimpse into the prayer and work that's been going on in this place for over 15 years! 

Straight after that they got to do a prayer walk around San Antonio led by yours truly. It's one of my favorite prayer walks to do. I love getting to introduce the teams to San An, and to lead them in joining their prayers with the hundreds of others that have been prayed over this place. 

After a little afternoon siesta the team was invited around to my apartment (that I share with two other awesome ladies that are serving here). We had an awesome meal, and it was another chance to get to know this new group of people I'll be spending some quality time with for the next two weeks. 

Tonight's my night off, but I can't wait to hear all about how their first night on the streets went. 

Now it's 1:15 am, and I'm headed to bed early tonight since I have a full day tomorrow...

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