Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fitbits and Mullets

A Week in the Life: Day Three

It's currently 6:21 am, and I'm about to finally head to bed. It's been a pretty amazing day


First of all I finally broke out my Fitbit, and as of right now I've walked close to 18,000 steps today. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back!

I had a meeting this morning (when I say morning, I really mean Ibiza morning which isn't actually until 1:00pm). It's a check in for some of the work I do here on the island. It was great to get prayed for and encouraged. Definitely left that meeting feeling good!

On a side note, I just want to mention that today it was super hot in Ibiza! According to my phone, it was just as hot here today as it was in Las Vegas. The big difference is that the humidity level in Vegas was 6%. Ibiza was 67%!

After the meeting a few of the girls I work with and I headed to the Hippy Market in Es Canar.


It was a fun way to spend an afternoon off. Lots of funky jewelry and flowy skirts. I will definitely be back!

Tonight I was on the streets. It was my first night out with the current 2 week team that's here. My first hour out started when we got a call from a local restaurant owner about a drunk guy who'd fallen asleep at one of their tables. Wanting to make sure he got back to his hotel, they called us. When we got to him the first thing I noticed was he was wearing a wristband with the name of his hotel on it. (can I get an amen!) This was exciting because we knew exactly where to take him. Sometimes when we find people, we have to sit with them for a bit before we can get the correct hotel name out of them. But not tonight! Within 10 minutes we managed to walk him back to his hotel and get him safely to bed.

Not all of my interactions worked out so well. We later met a group of girls who needed some help. One of them was not doing well. The girls were a little suspicious when we approached to offer help, so we had to send them off with a prayer that they would make it back to their hotel. As we were headed back to our center we ran in to a worker named Phil. Everyone in the west end loves a bit of fancy dress, so of course he had on a mullet wig! When we're out on the streets, we love to help people get home safe, but we also love chatting and praying with people. We asked Phil if he wanted prayer, and he decided to pray for us! It was great to stand and listen to him pray, as he asked God to bless 24-7 for all the work they do in the west end.

I had one other event to attend before finally heading back home at 6:00 AM. And's time for bed!

See ya tomorrow!

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