Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last Night on the Streets...for now!

Tonight was my last night on the streets...for now! And to top things off I also lead tonight. As I sat in the prayer room before everyone else arrived, I prayed and asked God to take charge of the evening...and he did! The night was pretty busy, but through it all I had an overwhelming sense of peace. Multiple people were walked or wheeled back to their hotels, and the vomit van saw some action as well. I also got several opportunities to visit the emergency staff that are now located in the west end. All in all it felt like a "typical" Wednesday night.

Through out the evening I found myself in a variety of situations. I got to walk a guy back to the Ibiza Rocks hostel with Lucy. At one point he sobered up enough to realize that he was being walked home by two girls. Next thing I knew we were all holding hands as we headed towards his hotel!

As the time for me to leave gets closer, I find myself getting more and more reflective. Getting to lead tonight feels a little surreal. It feels a little like I've been commissioned and sent back to Vegas with all that I've learned in my hands. I don't have all the details about what the future holds. But if the streets have taught me anything it's that God is willing to lead us if we'll just follow!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Heart History

It's 5:32 am and I'm in the prayer room alone. It's not something that happens often, and while I like the prayer room when it's full of multiple voices lifted in prayer, I must admit there's something I love about it being just me and God. I stop to pray first for the situations that are going on out on the streets. Then my heart turns towards thanksgiving. As I look around the room, I start to think of all the nights and hours I've spent here, and how God has shaped my heart and life through that. I think of the life long friends that I've made in Ibiza over the years. I've sat in this room shoulder to shoulder with them crying out for God to make a difference on this beautiful island. God has used this tiny space to hugely impact my life!

I get a chance to say thank you before the doorbell rings and I welcome Becky and Robb back into the room. Soon we're back  in the prayer rhythm, and the story continues...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Saving the Best for Last

It's Monday which means I'm living in the week that I leave Ibiza (boo). I've got a full week of work, and a few other little treats planned before I fly out on Thursday night. Today started off in the center. On my way in I checked on the status of my new favorite mural.

Things are progressing quickly, though I'm not sure it will be done before I leave.

The center was great. Lots of good chats, and as always the chance to prove my Mario Kart dominance (nice try Jamie!).  After the center we had a team meeting, and since it was my last one they prayed me out. It was amazing to listen as my community prayed, and through them God confirmed things that he's been speaking to me all summer.

After dinner (vegetarian chili!) it was time for the streets! While I was in the prayer room last night one of the things I prayed for was re-connections. Initially my prayer was directed at the short-term team who are here until Friday. I prayed that God would re-connect them with people they've met in the two weeks they've been here on the island.

And then God did something amazing...

I was out with Steve and we got into a conversation purely based on the fact that Steve bumped into a guy and said "excuse me". The guy (who was called Evan) was so impressed and appreciative of the courtesy that he stopped to chat with us. As our conversation progressed we realized that back in the first week of the season Becky and I walked one of his friends home. I distinctly remember the guy and that night back in May. I also remember talking to one of this guys friends on the phone to let them know that we were going to drop his friend off at their apartment. Turns out that friend I talked to was Evan! Steve and I got to have a fantastic conversation with Evan and before we parted ways we were also able to pray for him. It was surreal as we stood in front of a bar and a brothel and turned our eyes heavenward. Evan loved it and left with a smile on his face and a promise to stop by our worker's center.

I love how God works on the streets. He surprises me all the time, but sometimes he give me exactly what I've asked for. I only have two nights left this season, and as I anticipate those last night's I'm hoping that God has saved the best for last!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthday's, Curly Fries & The World Cup

It's Sunday, and I'll be honest...I didn't get out of bed today until almost 3:00 pm! Now to be fair we live nocturnally here, so even on the weekends we don't get to sleep until 4 or 5 in the morning. Not long after my relaxing start it was time to head off to my last church service of the season. After church we headed down to the sunset to chill. Today is my friend Miha's birthday and it was so fun to get to celebrate with her.

After sunset it was back to the west end to watch The World Cup. With Curly fries in one hand and a Kopparberg in the other I watched as Germany came out on top. The day ended with a late night stroll by the water and some relaxing apartment banter. 

On our way home from the evening I ran into Trevor who I shared a little about in This Blog. We said a quick hello, but as he walked away it was a reminder for me to keep praying for him. I love how God reminds us of those kind of things through brief and seemingly "coincidental" encounters. I think there are no accidents and that God is at work even more than we know! 

Now I'm off to bed where I'll be dreaming about packing and my last few days on the island...

See ya tomorrow! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hippies and Community

I love getting to re-visit some of my favorite places in Ibiza. It never gets old. I also love getting to experience new parts of the island, and yesterday I finally made it to the famous Hippie Market...

There were handmade soaps, jewelry, and a number of other bits and baubles for sale. It was beautiful and I'm glad I finally got a chance to check it out. After the market we headed back home and had a meal together. After dinner as we sat around listening to Charlie tell some of his dating horror stories, I was struck by how much I love living in community. I am at times overwhelmed by the love and support that I feel in this place. When I think of all the lifelong friends I've made here in Ibiza I just stop and give thanks! Thinking about Community makes me think of these verses in John 13:34-35...

"Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.”

When we live community well we are proving over and over again that we belong to Christ. Our love and care for one another identifies us as his disciples. So much of what I do here in Ibiza is trying to point people towards a God who loves them. I love that I get to do that in both obvious and subtle ways. I share the gospel verbally, I share it when I get to carry someone home who's covered in vomit, and I share it when I love my brothers and sister's well.