Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rocky Road Thursday

Last summer someone from 24-7 decided to take brownies into the west end for all the workers one night. From that one act Brownie Thursday was born! Who would have thought that the concept of chocolate and sugar would have grown men and women dancing in the streets like six year olds on Christmas morning!

This week instead of making brownies my friend Robb decided that the west end needed rocky road! They were delicious and a bonifide hit on the streets!

Earlier today I was in the center, and am happy to say that our Wii is finally fixed. In honor of that I promptly beat both Becky and Bernard at Mario Kart (bow down peasants!) I consider myself a bit of an expert, so all you challengers get in line and be prepared for defeat! 

After dinner it was time to say my first goodbye of the season. Aaron and Aimee (who help lead the work  here in Ibiza) are headed back to the U.K. on holiday this week. After my goodbye's it was time for the streets! The night was peaceful and full of great chats and chances to walk people home. I went out with Louise my first hour, and towards the end we were excited as we thought we were going to get a prayer request off of two young guys we met. Instead they returned it with their telephone number and the message "You're hot" scrawled on the front. It's never a dull moment around here! 

Until tomorrow!

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