Friday, April 25, 2014

Hello Jet-Lag My Old Friend...

After 17 hours of flying, I can finally say that I am back in Ibiza again! I arrived on Easter Sunday, just in time to drop my luggage and get ready for church service.

Bye-Bye Las Vegas! 

It seems like a long time to travel, but my flights were actually great. I had two layovers (both one hour long), great seats (all windows towards the front of the plane), and a nice curry dinner!

I'm currently staying with the Clayton's (the leaders of 24-7 Ibiza) at their lovely apartment. I'll be moving into the team apartment in a few weeks. Charlie and Abby have been so gracious, and I've even managed to get Charlie to eat a few all veggie meals!

Just a few days after I arrived it was already time for us to welcome one of our first short term teams of the summer...the prayer team. It's a team that's near and dear to me since my very first trip to Ibiza was as a member of the prayer team in 2009. I love having them here, not just for the prayers they'll pray, but also because it really focuses me on what's coming. The summer isn't all that far off, and this week is really just the beginning.

Me...awake at 3 am...

 I'm nearing the end of my first week on the island, and I'm hoping to get over my jet lag very soon. There's a nine hour time difference between Las Vegas and Ibiza, and as of Friday, I still haven't managed to sleep through the night yet. Fingers crossed that'll happen soon!

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Bye for now...

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