Monday, March 17, 2014

Raising Funds...Like a BOSS!

You may have noticed that I posted a countdown clock on the right sidebar of the blog. As I type this I see that I've got 32 days 23 hours 33 minutes and 32 seconds...



You get the idea! As I countdown the days until I leave, I'm also working to raise the rest of the support I'll need to go. My airline ticket is an expense that's getting closer and closer. I'll be leaving for Spain on April 19th, which means I'll need to buy my ticket in just a few short weeks.

In an effort to raise the $1500 I'll need for that I've created this cool little airplane graph:

There are about 300 squares. Each square = $5. What I'm hoping will happen is that people will purchase a square or two (or five or ten!) and before you know it my ticket will be paid for!

If you're interested in donating towards my ticket, just click the donate button on the sidebar or check out my How to Donate page.

I've got some savings that I'll be using towards my time in Ibiza this summer as well, so I'll be covering $500 of my airline ticket cost. God has been so generous to me, when it comes to Ibiza that I believe the rest of my ticket cost will be provided as well!

Joke of the Day: 

What does a nosy pepper do? (scroll down for the answer!)

Get jalapeƱo business :)

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