Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ibiza Countdown 2014

So today is March 15th, and as I look at my desk calendar I realize that I've got a little over 4 weeks before I'll be boarding a plane to go back to Ibiza. So now the countdown official begins! I've got a lot to do in the next 4 weeks...

  1. I need to raise the rest of the financial support I'll need for the summer. Okay...honesty time. Fundraising is not my favorite thing to do! It makes me nervous and antsy and I wish I could just hit the lottery and be done with it! I think what I'm beginning to realize is that fundraising is more than just asking people for money. It's more about asking them to join with me in spreading God's love in Ibiza. Most of them will never set foot on the White Isle, but by donating they can take part in what God's doing there through me.  
  2. I need to buy a suitcase. And I need to pray to the overweight baggage fee gods that I won't get charged too much! 
  3. Preparing Spiritually. Doing missions work is serious business! I know it's the power of God that changes peoples lives...not the power of Poppy! I'm just the vessel, and I want to make sure my house is in order.
I'm also thinking about trying to document a lot of my trip this summer by vlogging (video blogging). So stay tuned for more on that! I've always wished that instead of trying to explain Ibiza to people, I could just take them with me. Since I can't do that, I thought vlogging would be the next best thing!

Make sure you check the blog regularly, because I'll be keeping you updated on my journey to get back to Ibiza in 2014!

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