Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Last night there were six of us out on the streets. It’s still pretty early on in the season, so there are still some bars and clubs that haven’t opened yet. Each week brings more and more people to the island.
Last night in the prayer room, we started praying about the strip clubs in the west end. There are three of them. The more we prayed for them, the more we asked God to transform them. We love the workers who work in these places, but to be honest, we wish they were out of a job! Mostly because we want those clubs to close down. We don’t want them to move someplace else on the island, so when we pray, we ask God to just shut them completely. If they’re going to stay open, we want them to be right where they are, so that we can be light in the darkness in those places.
It was cool tonight, because while we prayed, something happened to the electricity in one of the strip clubs, and they had to close!
It felt like God was letting us know that he is listening!

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