Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hitting the Streets...

It´s mid May and we have been going out into the streets of the West End for a few weeks now. We´re out at night from 11:30 pm until 5:00 am (sometimes later), and our goal is to help people. Sometimes that means listening, or praying, and other times that means sitting with them in their vomit because they´ve drunk a little too much. It´s still early on in the Ibiza season, but already things have began to kick-off!

 Last night I was out on the streets with Becky when we ran into two workers who we´d met briefly a few days before. Almost instantly the conversation turned to God, and I was amazed as I got a chance to share my testimony with one of them. I love having chats about God in the West End, and this was a good one! One of the worker´s who I´ll call Trevor was full of questions, and seemed to have a genuine curiosity about God and Christianity. We chatted for a while, and for every question I answered he had ten more. We parted ways before we were able to answer all the deep questions of the universe, but I know that God is doing something in his heart. Since he´s a worker, I´ll see him again, and the chat will continue.

I feel like this season so far has been full of small deep moments where people are pouring out their hearts and asking great questions about God. I love it when people are full of questions, because to me it´s a sign that they´re thinking about God. They´re searching for an understanding of who he is and what that means for their lives. Our prayer is that those questions will lead them to salvation.

 I once heard a pastor say that the truth can stand up to questioning. We believe that God is truth and that
 he´s big enough for all our questions!

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