Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poppy is “Officially” In Ibiza!

After 16 hours of flying, and a lot of waiting, I have finally arrived in Ibiza! I am so excited to finally be here, and I must admit, it feels like I’ve come back home…
The day before I left Las Vegas, I had a fundraiser/farewell party.
I got to share my passion for the work I’ll be doing in Ibiza, and I got to say goodbye to a lot of great people. A special thanks to Sharon Yaris who hosted the party. Thanks Sharon! I was able to raise nearly $800 towards my expenses in Ibiza! A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came out, and donated.
I’m still raising the support I’ll need to stay in Ibiza. Check out my Donate page if you’re interested in helping out.
At the moment, I’m doing my best to get settled in...My biggest obstacle this week has been dealing with jet lag! There’s a 9 hour time difference between Ibiza and Las Vegas, so my body is doing its best to adjust.
More updates to come!

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