Saturday, June 16, 2012

Christians in Ibiza?!

I was out walking the other day with some friends, when we were approached by a PR. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a little Ibiza 101…

In the very touristy areas, pretty much every business will have a PR. They stand outside of that business, and try to get you to come in. As people walk by they may stop you and ask you where you’re headed, and then quickly list off their drink or dinner specials to try to entice you to choose their place. Most PR’s get paid based on how many people they get in the door.

So as we were walking down the sunset strip, a girl tried to PR us into the restaurant she was working for. We declined, and told here we were workers. She asked where, and then we got to tell her about 24-7 Ibiza. We also invited her to our center (which is for workers). The funny bit was that as soon as she heard that we were Christians, she reacted with complete surprise. “Christians? In Ibiza?!”

I found her reaction to be very interesting. Most people don’t expect to find God here. And I also think that most people think Ibiza is beyond help. We don’t believe that’s true! I love getting to shock people with the fact that God is here in Ibiza, and he cares about them! Every night that I get to help someone home, or have a conversation in the West End, or even pray with someone out on the streets, I get to show people that God is alive and well, and MOVING in the place! 

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