Sunday, May 22, 2011

Put me in Coach!

I am still in Las Vegas, and part of me feels like I'm a high school basketball player who's been benched. I'm sitting on the sidelines, on the edge of my seat just waiting. Hoping that at any moment the coach will call my name, and tell me it's my turn to play...

On Sunday, I got to share a little about 24-7 Ibiza at church. It was awesome, as I always love talking about what we do in Ibiza.

It was a bit challenging, because the pastor gave me 5 minutes to share! Don't get me wrong, I was very thankful for the's just that as I began to write out everything I wanted to share, that 5 minutes got smaller and smaller. I had to cut, and edit and really get to the heart of what we do.

The purpose of his invite was to help me with fundraising, but anytime I get to share about 24-7 Ibiza I want people to understand what it means to me. I wish I could just zap them to the West End on a Wednesday night at about 2:00 in the morning. If I could do that, I think my fundraising goals would be met a lot easier!

Trying to explain the streets in words can be tough. But I do my best, and then pray that the Holy Spirit does the rest!

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