Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Latest Update

I've got a lot of news to share, so lets just get started! The most important piece of news I have to share is that I got my plane ticket! I ended up finding a pretty good price flying out of LAX, so I booked it. I was going to just drive to and from California, since it's only a 4 hour trip, but then my dad in all of his generosity offered to buy me a ticket from Las Vegas to LAX.

A few days before I leave for Spain there's a great worship conference at the church I use to attend in California. It's called Worship Central. I went last year, and it was really good. This year's conference has actually been expanded so it's two days long. I'm flying into California on Friday the 24th so that I can go. So as of right now I'll be attending the conference on Friday and Saturday, and then on Sunday my flight leaves for Spain. I know I've said it before, but I'm really excited about getting the opportunity to go and be a part of what they do in Ibiza.

I also got my passport in the mail this week. So I guess that makes me an official U.S. citizen. I applied for it before I left California, and it took exactly four weeks for me to get it in the mail. I've had a passport before, but unfortunately I let it expire. The new passports have an electronic chip inside of them, pretty hi-tech!

Until later...

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