Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Unexpected Places...

So I'm standing in line at the 99¢ store today when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to find a cute little old lady standing behind me. She asks me about the t-shirt I'm wearing. Now mind you I'm at the store at 9:00 am because I need eggs for an awesome omelet I'm planning on having for breakfast. I've literally gotten out of bed, changed my top, and put on some flip flops before I ran out of the house. The shirt I'd happened to choose this morning was from a youth event called Teen Break that I used to work when I lived in Lake Havasu City. I explained to the lady that I got the t-shirt from an event I worked at. She asks me if I'm a Christian, and I tell her that yes I am. She then proceeds to tell me about how much Jesus has changed her life. I hear her say that she loves to pray, so I tell her that I'm going on a missions trip this coming week, and I ask her to pray for me. So she reaches out to touch my shoulder as she starts to pray, right there in line while the check out lady is ringing up the eggs that I have now forgetten all about. How COOL is that! I don't think I'll forget that experience anytime soon!

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